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How to restore a database when you have a SQL Server backup file?

Oftentimes, when I get a database backup file, I usually perform a quick database restore without any hesitation. This usually works fine, but sometimes I get an annoying error message without any clue. Actually, SQL Server provides some commands that … Continue reading

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FAQs: Database backup and restore for a mirrored database

Recently, I was asked several regarding database backup and restore for a mirrored database; therefore I think I need to write a blog post about them which may help others who has the similar doubts. Q: Can I do database … Continue reading

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Where the database data and log files will be restored?

Generally, we could use Restore Database option in SSMS GUI or using RESTORE DATABASE T-SQL command when we want to restore a database from a database backup file (.bak). However, the destination database file (data and log) locations will vary … Continue reading

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